Do you need a Financial Model to showcase your Business Potential to help you get a Funding?

Well, look no further!Our CFO Alex decided to giveaway 20 Financial Models for a week.Alex did over 300+ business plans and financial models till now 🚀why are we doing this for free to be honest?Well, it's to create conversation with interesting startups and scaleups to upsell our software development services or to get at least a nice referral back from you! 👀

What you can expect more or less in the full blown Financial Model:

  • Fully Customized Model

  • Equity Waterfall

  • Burn Rate

  • Break-Even Analysis

  • Valuation of company

  • Investor Related Metrics, Summary, and Ratios

  • Graphs/Charts

  • Sensitivity Analysis

  • Cap table with equity, loan and convertible instruments

  • Competitive Analysis and funding guidance of the startup

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